STORY: Fashion Mockery

In a previous post I mentioned I would stop attempting to blog about fashion but I guess I find the idea too amusing to avoid! Just in case you do not get the sarcasm of this post, I'm going to give it to you straight... I am mocking fashion bloggers and not trying to be one. Notice how all these 'fashionistas' always have the same pose in all their shots? The not-looking-hand-behind-the-ear shot or the skipping/walking shot? Well, I thought I'd give it a shot and it isn't as easy as it looks (or maybe that's just me!) Also, its the perfect opportunity to show off yet another ukay find - my turquoise cropped blazer which I altered myself! :) (By the way, turquoise is my color of the moment!)

So, here goes my most conceited post! (And in true fashion-blogger-mockery style, I will also share what stuff I'm wearing and where I got it, you know, just in case you fancy any of the items I'm wearing. Hihi!)

The generic fashion blogger pose I shall call "I''m Shy Pose"

The full body version of the "I'm Shy Pose"

Shoes - Charles & Keith
Dark Rinse Skinny Jeans - Zara
Bag - Charles & Keith
Checkered Top with Knitted Neckline - I don't know! Mom bought this for me.

Blazer - Ukay-ukay a.k.a. Vintage (so its sosyal to the ears!)
I got this for P50 only!!! I just cut a slit on both sleeves since it was too tight for me. The blazer was a size 0 from Bread & Butter.
This shot, I just did because I felt like it... bakit ba? ;) Haha.
So that's my take on fashion blogging... I'm hoping I improve on my styling because taking photos like the one above turned out to be pretty fun! Haha. Here's hoping you are looking forward to my next fashion blogging attempt as much as I am!

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