STORY: A Whole New World

I have had a few posts already about my 'job' but I have never really shared to y'all the beginning... how I entered this whole new world. So, I'm going to do that now.

Well, it was a rollercoaster ride really. A year ago, I have imagined the months after graduation a little differently. I thought I would be enjoying my last summer of youth and have a job just waiting for me to apply to it. Not that I was overconfident or proud about myself, I just really never thought job hunting would be as difficult and as draining - physically and emotionally - as I now know it is. Sure I see indie films of people walking the streets of Manila soaked in sweat with a thick layer of oil and dust over it with matching brown envelope filled with about a dozen of resumes with 2x2 photos of themselves that have blazers edited on, but I always saw that as something fictional. It only became real when it happened to me (No, I didn't walk the streets of Manila, I just emailed half of Makati and had Jose deliver packages to about 4 of them). The physical part wasn't really the tough part, it was all the unpleasant feelings that came with job hunting that was enough for me to give a few rollercoasters a try (with a few loops at that! If you haven't got it already, I hate rollercoasters!) It made me uneasy for days, weeks and months. The thought of not having a future to think about was dreadful and kept me up a few nights, heck, I even blogged about it before (here) hoping writing the worries away would help. It didn't.

Anyway, lets skip all the emails left unreplied, all the calls never received and all the interviews never scheduled and lets fast forward to one email, one call and one interview that did. I got a message from this agency and had me scheduled for an interview. Sure it was just an interview and it really didn't give me much certainty if my job hunting will be put to an end but it was a ray of light in my cloudy world and I was overjoyed.

I went to the interview and was in for another surprise. It wasn't at all what I thought it would be where I would sit in an office one on one with the HR person and talk about who I am, what I've done and why I should be part of their family. No, it wasn't that at all... well, right away. I was faced with an exam that could leave a few college exams ashamed. It had four parts if I'm not mistaken and that was just the first exam. After an hour of that exam which covered math, grammar, logic and a bunch of other stuff I am just really thankful I still have not forgotten, we were given more advertising specific tests. There was two tests about planning and another I honestly forgot was about. After all that which ate up half the day, we were given 2 hours lunch break to answer a copy test that I blogged partially here. After the two hours of begging my brain to spit out something good and staring at the ceiling hoping the ideas would fall from the sky, I finished my copy test. Up to this moment, I'm still amused at how I managed to use the image of a white chicken egg to sell a Toyota Land Cruiser, a trip to Rome and an internet service provider. Its sad though that only those that passed the first bunch of tests would move on to the next stage - the interview. Out of the 12-15 people that took the same tests that day, I was one of the last 3 standing. (I kept calling the interview process of the agency as Survivor style where they would eliminate people each level and only one or a few would remain).

The first time I step foot at the office for my examS and initial interview

The whole interview process ate the entire day. I got to the office at 9am and left at 5pm... and this is just the  first part. After about two weeks of freaking out about why I still haven't heard from them, I finally got a message saying I am scheduled for a panel interview. So I went to the office again and had myself interviewed by a panel. It was about 20-30 minutes of chatting with a moment of panic when they had me pick a thing in the room and think of a tagline for it that instant. I even talked about my blog! So on the slight chance that they drop by and see this account of events, I hope I remembered everything right! Haha. Anyway, just when I expected another week of freaking out about not getting a call, I got one just the night after... and it was a call I almost missed. Actually, I did miss it - twice! I answered our landline and it was Ms. Sherby on the other end congratulating me. I checked my phone and saw there was two missed calls... so much for first impressions. By the way, I was a bit bummed after I put the phone down. The people around me that time weren't very happy about my news. I had imagined hugs and congratulations but I got cold nods and almost emotionless congratulations. It was enough to make me cry but I was too overjoyed, I brushed the sadness away. Oh, did I say orientation was 9am the next morning? Yes, after complaining about how things just won't fall into place, my life has shifted gears and we are speeding across the highway right about now.

My welcome package. The apple is a custom at this place as a sign of hospitality. It is practiced in all their branches all over the world. Gosh, its official!

During the orientation, I found out there was 8 of us. One of them was the same girl I was with the first interview where only 3 of use were left. There are 2 boys and 6 girls and out of that, 4 were going for creatives, 4 for accounts. Well, after about an hour of orienting us of what will happen for the next 6 months of our new lives, we were dismissed... and that is the proverbial door opening wide open for me.

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