THEORY: Home Made Pastillas

My brother, Enzo has been bugging my mom to make some Pastillas for quite some time now and mom has finally given in. She has long bought the materials actually, but because of the effort to make the sweet treats she has been postponing making them for a few days already. But at last, she postponed no more and she asked me and Enzo to help her make 'em.

Mom actually sold some of her pastillas to her friends who would order from her. We would watch TV in the kitchen while she rolled the pastillas and I wrapped and packed 'em. I even insisted that I make her a label for each pack so her 'brand' would have identity since her friends were sending the pastillas they ordered to relatives abroad. But after less than a month, she stopped making pastillas for sale and would make some just for personal consumption. 

Anyways, this post is to teach you how to make you very own home made pastillas! Its easy but requires a lot of arm strength because there will be a lot of mixing involved... and I warn you, its like mixing cement!

What you will need:
  • Condensed Milk
  • Powdered Milk
  • White Sugar
  • Japanese Paper

Step 1: Mix the condensed milk and powdered milk together in a mixing bowl. The quantity depends on the texture you want. The result however should not be too sticky or too thick. You have to keep mixing the mixture until you reach the desired texture while adding powder milk or condensed milk on the side (if needed). This will take you about an hour if you aren't as strong as my brother (Actually, it took him an hour to mix it all up!)

Step 2: Once you have your perfect mix of condensed milk and powdered milk, you are ready to roll away! Now, if the mixture is too sticky, this step will be very difficult. The mixture will keep sticking to your fingers and it will take forever for you to make little sausage shaped pastillas.

Step 3: After rolling each pastillas, roll it in a bowl of sugar. Make sure you coat the entire thing with sugar so it won't be sticking in the wrapper later on.

The pastillas should be looking like this already.
 Step 4: After you've rolled and coated everything, you are ready to start wrapping! Buy some japanese paper in pretty colors and cut them according to the size of your pastillas. Our pastillas was about 1 inch long so I had 2x3 inches of japanes paper for each one. Wrapping is the easiest and most fun part! You just roll the pastillas in the paper and seal the wrapper by twisting both ends of the paper making it look like candies!

Step 5: Place your pastillas in a clear container so the colorful wrappers can be seen. Now, you can start eating your very own home made pastillas! Enjoy! :)

Look at how pretty they look! Amanda chose the colors hence the pink, purple and white.

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