THEORY: Jingle All The Way

My blog title automatically makes you think of Christmas time which  is weird since summer is still at its peak and December isn't close at all... but allow me to segue this somehow. Even if nights of caroling are far away, that isn't stopping the ad world from giving us a bunch of catchy jingles to hum along to and I'm just loving it! (Oha!)

I guess it is true, you can really never go wrong with a jingle (well, a good jingle).

This is the first version of the Emperador Light jingle and a second (faster and catchier) one which appears to follow the story of this original video is airing a bunch of times during primetime these days . Its unfortunate I can't find a video of the newer video on YouTube. Doesn't it just leave you singing "Gawin mong Emperador Light, gawin mong light" a few more seconds after the video ends? It sure does that to me!

The intro of the song immediately gives you this relaxed indi-boho vibe which reminds you of lazy summer days. The slow motion effect and close ups of the ice cold iced tea matched the jingle so perfectly that it makes me want to just chill under the sun and drink all the iced tea I can get a hold of (even if I am not that fond of it). The song is so catchy I'd be willing to pay attention to the video for more than just a few seconds ... even for the length of a whole song! 

The Hooray for Today campaign of McDonalds didn't really tickle my fancy right away but after listening to the jingle a bunch of times I have come to love it... addicted to it even. There just something so light and playful about it that it does make you feel like the sun will shine and rainbows will appear after the rain each morning... and maybe, just maybe you'll also get a smile from Mr. Teddy Bear down the street.

This is ABSCBN's 2012 Summer station ID and I've got to say they just keep topping themselves each time. I'm really a fan of all their station IDs since they are always able to come up with this one big idea/look and create parts of it for each of their talents. Also, I have this giddy feeling every time I see celebrities come together (be it young Hollywood -- Demi-Miley-Taylor-Selena or Disney royalties -- HannahMontana-AlexRusso-Zack&Cody). I don't know, it just seems so cool to see everyone come together like that and see how they blend with each other. Anyway, back to the jingle. Doesn't the festive beat make you want to party with them (meaning smiling and pretending to really enjoy yourself in slow motion)? Also, doesn't their incorporating of the different fiestas in the country make you want to travel around the Philippines right away?  Now isn't that hitting two birds in one stone done like a pro right there? Promoting their talents and shows and the Philippines as well! Ah, and the song is just so catchy I don't mind the lyrics are so repetitive! (I dislike the rap part tho.Oh well)

It may not be Christmas just yet but its a merry time all the same! Let's jingle all the way, shall we?

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