THEORY: No Tea For Me

Random fact #7

I dislike tea... any kind of tea.

Spot the portable charger Jose impulsively bought. Wonder when he will find the situation to use this when he conveniently has a charger in the car. Oh well.

Hot tea, milktea, iced tea... name it and I'll hate it! Actually, I have trained my tasted buds to like Iced Tea since in most establishments, this is the drink that comes free with the meals. But other than iced tea and flavored drinks pretending to be tea like C2, I don't consume tea.

But since I was successful with my Iced Tea training, I figured I might be able to do the same with milk tea since it is all over these days - serenites, cha time, happy lemon, simple line. And with everyone posting about their cravings and their visits to these tea spots just to grab these "yummy" tea drinks, I would really like to be able to relate. But I don't think my milk tea training will be successful. I tried it a lot of times already and just couldn't stand sipping more than a few... after that I'd hand it over to someone else.

So much for joining the bandwagon.

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Pya said...

have you tried cocoa rocksalt with cheese in happy lemon?