THEORY: Pool of Appreciation

Every year, my family always has one or two (sometimes three) outings in the summer. We usually go to the beach or to some resort where we would swim, eat and just have a great time. I guess I took this for granted (just like everything else in my life, well, almost! Haha).

This year, everyone was all too excited for our trip abroad that we never really talked or planned about any swimming get away in the weeks or months that followed. Now, about a month after our trip, my sisters have done nothing but whine about still not stepping foot in a beach or resort. I keep telling them that they were being ungrateful and silly about it since going to a pool isn't a mandatory thing that our parents have to have to bring us to, you know. And I felt that our trip abroad was equivalent to the two or three, even five outings that we would gone to if we stuck to our traditional summer plans.

But this week, I think I'm starting to feel what my sisters are feeling. Sure we go out a lot, sure we eat out a lot, sure we watch movies but it just isn't the same. Our summer swimming (which I found out wasn't something everyone enjoyed as a child) is something I would always look forward to as a kid and it was something I never thought would change. It sucks that I only learned to appreciate how great my summer was compared to others now that it appears to be changing already.

But of course, mom is to the rescue. With the few weeks left in summer, mom is still trying to squeeze in a swimming get away. Actually, she's been bugging me to search for places for about two weeks already but its only now that I am also itching to splash, dive and swim in a pool to cool off that I am eager to search for a place already.

Here's hoping next post is of us swimming, eating and having a great time. :)

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