THEORY: Street Food

Spot the Chow mien I ate along with my plateful of fishball from Ate Lisa!

I have this stupid "principle" when it comes to street food. For me, its okay to eat street food if (a) the stall is not mobile, (b) the sauce is not open for dipping and (c) the area around it is clean. I feel if the stall is on wheels, its prone to all the dirt that the streets bring. Also if the stall is mobile, there isn't any provision for hand washing, huh? With regards to my sauce issue, if the sauces are in big buckets where anyone and everyone just dips there sticks of street food, then you could expect saliva and other germs to be mixed into that thing, right? So if I see that the stall has those bottles that you use to squeeze out ketchup in restaurants, I am assured that I won't be swallowing some else's mucus! (Ew!) Lastly, even if the stall is stationary and meets my sauce container requirement, if there is a bunch of garbage and flies nearby, then I couldn't expect the food to be clean, right? So I also examine the surroundings before I feel that the food it sells is clean enough for me.

I know, I know, its a weird "principle" but its my way of reasoning out to myself that the street food I'm about to consume is clean (regardless if it really is or not). Its my way of dealing with my craving for some yummy fishball, kikiam and kwek kwek and my disgust of eating anything that may contain things I dare not mention anymore. Let's have some street food now, shall we?

This just makes me miss the kwek-kwek and squidball stall at school all the more. :/ 

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