STORY: Boring? Us? No.

I have a bunch of stuff do now but here I am yet again, blogging about it rather than doing it. So I'll mix things up a bit and not blog about this looming to-do and blog about something entirely different. (Well, the procrastinating part is still the same though, so there)

I'd like to believe I'm a creative person. I like the arts and I like making art as well - be it through words or visuals or sounds, even. Anyway, my guy isn't really the creative type. When it comes to self-expression which I apparently have mastered, he is rather reserved. He is so reserved and conservative that the stuff I do comes off as odd, weird and embarrassing to him. 

I would often nag him to read a blog I wrote, a video I shot or an artwork I just finished, then have him share his thoughts about it. His face would have this puzzled expression every time as he tries to figure out the interpretation or explanation that he thinks would make me happy most. I keep telling him to tell me what he REALLY thinks but he just doesn't get that. He has this wrong and right idea about art which is totally absurd! I mean nothing is ever right or wrong in art. After many times of arguing about his 'wrong' explanations, he just shove away any future conversation that has to do with interpreting or understanding my art. I would make tampo about his lack of support at times but through the years, I just stopped. I got that we were coming from different places and there is really no point forcing my weirdness on him. I'm actually okay that he has grown tolerant of my crazy antics. Tolerance is somehow the best form of support he can give when it comes to my self-expression endeavors, like how he reacted to the video below for one.

I used to wish for someone creative to be my special someone. I imagined we would critic artworks and movies together, we would watch the same TV shows and be fans of the same artists, we'd share tips and techniques about Photoshop or Premiere, and we'd laugh at the same things because we get all the jokes. But after four years with someone who is the exact opposite of the person I imagined, I realized the dream wouldn't end as well as my reality now. Sure we would get each other and we'd have all these things in common to talk about but that's how things get boring. You know what the other knows and eventually there will be nothing more to share. You like the same things so you learn about the same stuff so to some extent, you limit each other from learning other things. 

My friend Jana would always shout "boring" when someone asks how long Jose and I have been together. She says that as a joke but some times I catch myself thinking about it. Are we really boring? Have the years washed away the excitement of our relationship? I mean compared to those who are less than a year, we are like an old married couple already. We know each other too well already and we don't have the same adventures new couples have together. We have almost all the 'firsts' ticked off our list already. But after thinking about it and thinking about it again, I could say Jana is wrong. Yes we're at a stage where we are  comfortable with each other but we are definitely not boring. I mean we are already on our 53rd month yet we still figure out new things every day... he just learned what 'chroma' does and I know what the hell a "fender liner" is. Diba? Boring ka dyan, Jana! Haha.

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