STORY: The Hunt for Inspiration

One of the best things I've learned so far in AdSchool is captured in this one sentence:

"You find inspiration in things that you love, 
just as much as you find inspiration in things that you hate."

I paraphrased that sentence because it has been two weeks since that session but more or less that was the point. I found that idea so inspiring and quite refreshing really. All these times when I look for inspiration, I think about all the great things I enjoy, all the people I love, all the places I admire... which is a frustrating task to do when I am stressed, depressed and just plain unhappy. Usually in copywriting class when I'm just not in the mood, I find it very difficult to be inspired since the happy thoughts aren't coming in. But I realized I was disregarding how the things I do not enjoy, the things I hate, the things I am irritated with, could actually inspire me. My stress could've inspired me. My depression could've inspired me. My hate could've inspired me.

Its really a nice new way to look at things. More than just making inspiration easier to find, it gave the things I dislike a purpose in my life... and a rather positive one at that. Now how about that for a lesson learned, huh?

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