STORY: J's Talent

Even if this blog is meant to share my story to all of you, I do not like divulging very detailed accounts of some parts of my life - my 'love life' is one of  that. You might be raising an eyebrow right about now since a quarter of the posts of this blog is either about or related to this 'special" person I shall refer to as "J" from this point on, but if you look back at those posts, I leave a lot of stuff out. Most times, when the posts are about 'serious' stuff, I mark it under theory, even writing it as something hypothetical. Because believe it or not, I am a private person.

Anyway, the point of the rather long introduction is so that you can understand that this post is breaking away from my unwritten rule of keeping things private. Why? Well, I don't know either. I just feel like sharing the events that transpired today. Here we go.

The past week, I have been on psycho mode again. A little background info before I continue - I have a lot of modes and this psycho mode I speak of just joined my list of modes this year. How it joined the list is spread out in a few blog entries a few months ago. I leave that up to you to find out. Anyway, since the 'event,' I have been switching my psycho mode on and off, almost involuntarily actually. Last week though was different. I was well aware I was entering psycho mode and I continued with it anyway. I didn't act on it physically though, but mentally and emotionally, it was on. I started creating these stories and piecing every bit of information together to form this plot as if I was some master story teller that just knows how everything goes. However, after a week of internal psycho thoughts, I finally acted on those thoughts today. I told him about the stories I have come up with (after he persuaded me to break my silence) and how it has been bothering me for a week... after that, the next few hours were just a terrible mix of silence and noise.

"J" is actually getting used to this psycho behavior of mine - when I act a tad more crazy than the usual. He is very understanding of it but of course he has his limits and he gets pissed and mad at me eventually when my unreasonable behavior becomes too much to handle. But even when he snaps, he still manages to calm himself down, calming me as well. And before you know it, I am no longer mad or crazy or in my psycho mode. Its a 'talent' he has that I really do appreciate. Imagine if he is as impatient and as unreasonable as I am, my psycho mode may never switch off! There was this one time when we didn't speak to each other for a whole day. At around 10pm, just when I thought he had went to bed and succeeded at ignoring me, he called and sounded very mad as he screamed, "Hoy! Galit pa rin ako sa'yo ah!" Puzzled, I answered, "E bakit ka tumawag?" He replied, still shouting, "E may sasabihin lang ako e!" I asked, "Ano?" Still with his angry voice he continued, "Kumain ka na ba?" I fell silent for a few seconds and burst into laughter. You could assume that our night ended better than our afternoon started. In fact, so good I don't even remember why we were mad at each other in the first place.

And you know what, the craziest part of this talent of his is that I do not realize he's doing it until its already been done! I just find myself laughing or smiling at him and everything just falls back into place. Its quite amazing actually how I used to feel kinda sad that he didn't have any dancing, singing or acting talents (I don't have those either) and now here I am at awe at his talent that I have never seen in anyone else. And the  best part is that he is not only getting applause for this talent, he gets hugs, kisses and a whole lot of love for it, too!

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