STORY: Kilig Much

I have the sweetest boyfriend na talaga.

I have numerous blogs about Jose but I rarely use the B word when I refer to him because I feel a little weird when I do. I don't know why but it just feels a little too cheesy that way. Anyway, this post is a very cheesy post so might as well go all out and finally blurt out the word - boyfriend.

So, the story is pretty short. Actually, its just a few exchange of lines that happened earlier this night that made me feel all kilig. Its a feeling I haven't felt in a while and I missed it. But the boyfriend manages to surprise me and I'm really fortunate that he is the type that finds joy in seeing me kilig over the stuff he does. Its a win-win situation for us. :)

So, the story.

Jose likes giving me gifts - not just a lot but also pretty expensive ones. Just last week he gave me two watches, yes, two. He actually bought one in secret one day and coincidentally I started talking about a picture of a watch I saw on Instagram and kept blabbing about what kind of watches I disliked and liked. Afraid I would dislike the watch he bought, he revealed the surprise a week earlier than planned just so he could still have the item returned. I smiled when I saw it but he knew it wasn't my type since I basically bad mouthed the design in the conversation we had prior to the reveal. He went back to the store sometime within the following week and when he finally gave me back the watch, he didn't have it replaced. I did tell him that I would wear anything he gives and that I was happy about the gesture. But Jose isn't the type who settles for an "okay" response to his gift so I was in complete shock when I rummaged through my bag and found another box. It was the watch I saw on Instagram! He had bought both watches!

Fast forward to today. I was at Trinoma having a meeting with the yearbook publisher and Jose just dropped me off. After about 2 hours into the meeting, I saw Jose come in at the cafe where we had the meeting and sat at a table a few feet away from us. I couldn't help but notice that he had a giant Charles and Keith paper bag in his hand which triggered me to think about yesterday when we were going through the bags at Charles and Keith at Rockwell. Could he have bought it? Well, there are no male items at C&K so it must be for me! (I'm not assuming ha! He just doesn't really give gifts to family, just so you know.) On the way home, I had completely forgotten about the paper bag in the backseat since he didn't bother handing it over to me. When he dropped me home, he insisted he go inside with me. When we go home late, he usually just drops me off and waits for me to enter the gate but today he insisted he go down with me. That's when I saw the paper bag again. When I got to our dining room, he finally handed it over to me and I opened it right there and then. It was for me and it was the bag I saw yesterday.

At the beginning of the post I told you my kilig story is a short one and it really is. The above above narrations are just introductions to the specific moment that I will share below. For realzzzz na.

I put the bag inside the paper bag and looked at him.

Me: Thank you ah, pero tigilan mo na nga kakabili ng gamit sakin. 
Him: Bakit ba?
Me: Ang dami na, ang mahal pa. Bankrupt na nga tayo pareho oh.
Him: E masaya ako e.
Me: Gumastos?
Him: Masaya ako pag napapasaya kita eh.

Commence kilig moment with matching stupid smile.

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Pya said...

So this is the cheesiest blog post Ive read in this blog. <3