STORY: Oh, fat!

I tend to eat when I have nothing to do or when I see other people eating. It doesn't even matter if I'm hungry or not, I just eat. These past days at work are proof to this terrible habit of mine and I could already feel and see the effects of it! Oh dear, the fat is starting to pile up on top of my jeans (muffin top!) The worst part is that I am not an exercise type of girl so if the fat continues to pile up, I don't really know how I'm going to get rid of it... so its best I just prevent it from getting any worse! But before I do, let me share a few of my many treats this past weeks.

I ate this the day of orientation for training. I ate alone at two food courts that day - Landmark and SM because I wanted to do some shopping (alone) to celebrate my getting accepted to AdSchool!

This I ate after training with Jose at Mai Maison at GB. The scotch eggs (lower right) tasted good.

For the first days of training, I would hitch with my dad in the mornings since our offices are walking distance from each other. Because I take a ride with my dad, I get to his office at 7am when my training starts at 9am which is why I end up grabbing some breakfast at their canteen where the food is supeeeer cheap. Imagine, the meal above cost me P31.00!

My co-trainees usually have baon with them so I am usually the lone one who goes out to buy lunch. I enjoy buying my food so I don't mind that I'm alone. I actually prefer it since it eliminates the "where do we eat" ceremony that happens every time you eat out with others. Ever since, I am the type who likes to try all the possible eating spots around the area. During my freshman year of college, I made it a point to try a new place each day. Even during my internship, I was excited about all the dining spots around Makati that I could discover. But I was disappointed that my co-interns didn't share the same "idea" which left me with just a few restaurants discovered. Now that I am back in Makati, I won't let anything stop me from trying a new place each day, or at least revisiting an old restaurant after I've tried 'em all. For this particular time, I revisited Jollibee and I absolutely loved their Milo Blast! I had three more of this the days that followed.

Of course, there are lazy days when you just want to grab something and eat. And those days are saved by some yummy Mini Stop chicken. The noodles were my breakfast by the way, I just bought my lunch early on.

One of my best discoveries was Adobo Connection. My goal is to try all the different kinds of Adobo they offer. So far I've tried 3 - Chinese Adobo, Adobo flakes and their Adobo rice (do you count the last one?) The great part is that the food is really affordable, too! The rice above comes in two's and just costs P49. The vegetable I ordered, their specialty gising-gising, is just P29.00

On my way back to the office from lunch out, I passed by Ministop to grab myself some dessert. I thought of trying the small cups i keep seeing and ended up pretty shocked that it cost P47.00. Pretty pricey for a tiny cup. It was good though so it wasn't a total disappointment.

I don't usually have breakfast because aside from me running late, I don't have much appetite in the morning. But ever since I rediscovered toasted bread, I take the time to toast a slice or two. Yum!

I have been going to office 3 weeks already and only discovered there was a country style booth at the food court now! To celebrate this discovery, I had to buy a donut from my favorite donut place for just P20.00!

Hello instant noodles!

Every day, there are "merienda folks" that visit the office that bring your typical Pinoy meriendas with them... much to the liking of my mouth and to the disappointment of my growing belly. So far, I've bought nilupak, banana cue, karioka and this afternoon, I bought some binatog (which is packed very complicatedly! Plastic within a plastic and knotted over another knot! I ended up making a mess before I got a bite!) I was quite disappointed though since yesterday, they brought some kwek-kwek with them and I missed out on it! I was downstairs grabbing some McFloat! I was looking forward to grabbing some kwek kwek this day but they didn't prepare any. I'm hoping next visit, they load up on some coated eggs. :P

So there you have it! This is really a very small percentage of the food that I have taken in the past weeks of work. These are just the ones that were fortunate enough to be photographed before I dug in. Here's hoping next week marks a more controlled-eating week! DIET na talaga 'to!

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