STORY: Brave Stupidity

I have been thinking of dying my hair a crazy color since freshman year. I even remember talking to Angie about it and calling dibs on blue. It was just something I feel would prove that I was young and free and stupid. Yes, that was the goal. You see I wasn't as wild and free and silly as I hoped to be. Observing my peers, I felt I was low on "just cause" goals in life. So, my answer to that was this - dying my hair a crazy color.

Of course, the years went by and so did a ton of excuses and I never did achieve this goal. It was always not the time to do it. And one day it just came to me that no time will ever be right. I could and will always find some reason to postpone my 'just cause' goal and waiting for the right time just negates the purpose of the goal - to be young, free and stupid. 

So one Saturday night, as I scrolled through instagram (it helped that I saw two photos of girls with blue/green hair.) while I lie alone in my bed in an empty house (I went out with Jana that afternoon and  when I got home, I found out the entire family left) I just got up and walked to the nearest salon. I didn't even give myself a minute to think about it. I just got up and walked... almost mindlessly. As I was walking to the salon, I felt so brave. I couldn't help smiling at the thought of what I was about to do. It was a great feeling - to just do something you wanted and not have the slightest urge to give reason to it. 

When I got to the salon and was asked what I wanted done, I said I wanted my hair colored. When asked what color and I responded with blue, the entire salon gave me a quick glance - almost all at the same time. The lady even asked the question again, thinking she heard it wrong. I just smirked and said, "Blue." She gave me the book with all the hair colors and I pointed out the blue I wanted.

But this brave task didn't come without challenges. I went to the salon at 8pm and after how many bleaching, washing and coloring, my hair pretty much looked the same. Sure the bleach made my hair turn this light blonde but the blue dye just wouldn't show. It was almost 11pm then, past the 10pm closing time of the salon, when the parloristas told me to come back tomorrow and we could try some other formula. I went home with my head down, a bit disappointed that my brave feat didn't end as exciting as I imagined.

The next day, as early as 8am, I kept waiting for the salon to open. Finally, as I saw their doors open at 9am, I ran down to the salon and had the parloristas continue their unfinished business with my hair. I wasn't expecting my hair to turn out as blue as I wanted. I sensed that they couldn't figure out how to get it done - since they never had a crazy request like this before. With that slight loss of hope, I told them I was going to be happy with any bright color. Violet, maybe. Whatever. I just wanted to get a little for the amount I paid. It didn't matter if I don't get what I want since I felt the effort I had them exert was worth more than I paid for.

Anyway, after an hour on the salon chair, I finally saw a ray of light. When they took off the stuff from my hair, I saw green! Bright, bright green! The other customers all looked at me with wide eyes thinking the parloristas made a big mistake. But when I started laughing at how silly my hair looked (it looked like vegetables!) everyone else started laughing as well. I just stared at myself and burst into laughter every 5 seconds. After they got the entire bottom of my hair green, they added in the streaks of blue. After a few more minutes, they washed my hair and blow dried it and next thing I knew, I had finally crossed out dying my hair a crazy color off my imaginary bucket list.

I tied my hair as high as I could and walked back home. I flaunted my hair to everyone that day and couldn't be happier every time I get a shocked reaction. Finally, I did something young. I did something free. I did something stupid.

Good job, Andrea. You have finally stamped stupid on you. 
You must be so proud.

Actually, I am. I am very proud! Because now that I finally did it, it was more of being brave than it was being stupid. It was of more of doing something others live their entire lives just thinking of doing. It wasn't as stupid as it was a brave thing. So yeah, I'm proud. I'm proud I did something brave. Hoorah!

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