STORY: Good Day

This day was a mix of a lot of emotions and surprisingly, despite the presence of extreme confusion, the satisfaction and the brief moments of joy compensated for that.

The morning was filled with questions that I basically tried to shove to the back of my head so that I could finally finish my presentation (which by the way, has already been 3 weeks in the making! Hello, revisions!). I was really preparing for this presention because its a do or die thing. I swear, for a minute, I felt I would be jobless if I didn't nail this. And because I was being so paranoid about this presentation, I even made a script! Yes, a full blown script which I placed in at table right beside the slide number. I had the entire presentation planned out. I had the animations done, the timing practiced, everything. The presentation had to go perfectly... and it did! Joke, well, it wasn't perfect but it was good enough. I caught a glimpse of approval from my boss that afternoon when I presented it and that was all the confirmation I needed to finally get rid of my paranoia.

I also had baon for lunch. Of my co-workers, I am the only one who consistently has no baon. I just haven't figured how I could prepare it. And if I would have mom prepare it, I may not like what she prepares for mysisters. Also, I enjoy buying my food. But it does get tiring over time and to have baon today was really a joy. I didn't have to worry about going downstairs and falling in line and picking what food to buy. Also, I got to eat with my co-workers... at last! Yes, I did enjoy the belongingness that brief lunch break brought.

By the way, I was brought to and from work by daddy. It was just a comfort that was different from how Jose would pick me up. I don't know what about it is different but it was... and it was nice.

Oh yeah, office got suspended at 4pm (even though I found out about it past 4:30pm). Even though I left the office at almost 5, the fact that the office got suspended made feel happy. Its a feeling I told myself to leave in college - the anticipation of a suspension - and to have experienced that unexpectedly was really nice.

Nothing very extraordinary happened today, actually even more confusing matters clouded my brain for most of the morning but it was a good day overall. Won't question why anymore, I'll just end with a thank you. Thank you, God!

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