STORY: Hell Of A Dream

I had the oddest dream last night and I'm making a post about it for two reasons:

  1. I could actually remember the dream;
  2. And it kinda scares me that my mind comes up with these kinds of stuff.
I'm going to present this the most organized way I can. So, let's begin.

For the setting, I wasn't quite sure where I was but one minute there was snow all over which surprisingly wasn't very cold then another minute I was in the Philippines because I could hear the words Davao and Cebu. For the time of day, it was somewhere near dusk - a dusk that went on forever. I've gone to a lot of places in the dream but the way the sky looked stayed pretty much the same - as though the sun was about to set.

For the story, well, I was Satan's assistant. I don't know how I got that job and if that meant I was already in hell to have that post but in the dream (more like nightmare), I was his assistant. Well, from how I remember it, we were on earth that time and he would ask me to escort different people into an elevator that would lead them to a fiery pit at the bottom most floor and to a better place at the very top (throughout the dream, I never got a chance to see what was at that top most floor, I just assumed it was something good the way he spoke of it). From how I remember it, Satan would be telling people to do something (I assume it is something bad because people refused to follow) and when someone would refuse, he would ask me to bring the person to the elevator so that the person could see what happens to those who rebel. The elevator drops very quickly like that in amusement parks that make you feel you left your guts somewhere above your head. I wasn't afraid of the sudden fall. I had gotten used to the feeling because of the many times I went down to the pit. The people I was with were very terrified though. The sudden fall would make them shake and grab hold of my arm in fear of what may lie at the bottom. The fire they would see at the bottom would reflect in their eyes and I would pity them and in my mind, I would think of getting them out of that horrible situation by pressing a button that would bring the both of us to the top most floor. But I couldn't do it. I was playing a game with Satan.

I believe it was the end of the world that time and people were running everywhere, although the place where Satan and I would stop would suddenly be crowd free. We were like on a world tour, hopping from one country to another. So, from the snowy place somewhere, we ended up in Davao, which in my dream was a city in Luzon. This was when I figured out why I was agreeing to be Satan's assistant. I was waiting for the time that I get to the Philippines and get to escort my family to the elevator. That way, I could bring all of us to the top most floor. By this time, I had gotten Satan's trust and he wouldn't suspect a thing. This was the only escape from the crumbling world.

The dream ended there. I wasn't able to see my family because they were still trying to get to the place where Satan and I were (it was like I could see anyone, anywhere, like I had a crystal ball in my head). I was just there at the elevator, anxiously waiting for them to arrive. 

When I woke up, I told my sisters, who were getting ready for school, about my dream. And as I did, I realized that Satan was a confusing guy. I mean, if the person rebelled against him, they would be put into the fiery pit, right? But if they followed him, won't they still be going into some kind of fiery pit because Satan lives in hell? So whether someone does what he wants or not, they all go to the fiery pit! So I'm assuming the top most floor is still a fiery pit (a pit on top? Kagulo)

And you know what scares me most about this hell of a sisters said I was laughing in my sleep.

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