STORY: Its Raining John Lloyd!

I know I was just blogging about my meaningless life in the previous entry but this post just proves how quick the wind changes direction. Now, I have a lot to look forward to and one is the video below. Yes, ganito na ko kababaw. ;)

ABSCBN finally launched their Ulan Station ID for the year and it is amazing (as usual)! It focused on their love teams though unlike previous years where they included all their talents. Anyway, it didn't really matter since all my attention went to John Lloyd and Bea. Naku naman talaga, they still have that magic. ABSCBN hit a goldmine with those two. You don't find chemistry like that every dynasty (Yes, I'm quoting Mulan). And its amazing that they do not have to pretend that their love team is real. The audience know that their "love" is for show but they just work so well, its hard not to believe the realness of the chemistry.

Hay, now I have a reason to live. There is a new Lloydie project to look forward to. (I'm actually a fan of John Lloyd, nagspill over lang kay Bea. Haha!)

Of course, a lot happened the past two days that made me change my thoughts on life. I'm not as crazy as I appear to be that a simple love team would prevent me from committing suicide but I'd rather just share this particular reason. I think I reached my quota on heavy drama blog posts!

Mabuhay ang John Lloyd - Bea love team. (Yuck, I'm so baduy na talaga! Hihi)

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