STORY: Say It, Please

Everyone knows the saying, "Action speaks louder than words" and as much as I believe in that saying, it won't hurt to hear a word or two every now and then.

I like receiving letters, I like reading emails and notes, I like hearing how someone feels towards me. I know I should be thankful Jose is the type who shows how he feels rather than just saying it but sometimes I really wish he would tell me as well. He isn't very expressive with his feelings through words so when he tries to, it feels forced. But after so long, I finally heard the best compliment from him... ever!

"Kahit ihalo mo yung gawa mo sa iba, 
alam ko kung ano doon yung iyo e"

We were talking about Cinemalaya when he suddenly mentioned the past film contests I joined. And then he just went on and on about this and that and ended with saying I had this style that he could identify only with me. He isn't sure if it was a shot or an angle that I always use but he would know if the video was made by me. Oh goodness, I could have just jumped out of the car and danced around because of too much kilig and joy.

Anyone who knows me knows that it is my dream to have that identity. I want people to see my work - whatever it may be- and just know it was mine. Something like the last scene in Hercules where Phil's dream of having his trainee be made into a constellation and having people shout out "That's Phil's boy!' came true. That kind of recognition.

And the best and most awesome part was that this compliment came out on its own. I didn't fish for it nor did I open up the conversation. It was a genuine compliment. And if that was why he waited four years to say it, then it was definitely worth it.

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