THEORY: Changing Taste

Its sad I don't have screen caps of my previous blog layouts. Its just that I updated the GIF icons on my blog's sidebar today and I noticed how my taste has changed. It would have been nice to see the evolution of my blog layout through screen caps. But I don't have it, so boohoo.

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Since you are reading about it anyway, check out my new icons! :)

Anyway, I noticed how my blog has become more and more simple through the years. My previous layouts would have all these colors and images everywhere which I find really tacky now. I would put as many GIFs as I could before. Oy! Everything would be moving - the header, the footer, the sidebar, even the icons! Seriously, parang disco lang. Also, I would have my face plastered in every part of the blog. It was my face in the header, my eyes or lips sa footer. Golly, how vain was I? Thank God I realized how tacky that made my blog look. Now, I have minimal images in the layout, also very small font in gray. I want everything simple but still, I won't totally take away personality from the layout. I still have GIFs here and there and some cute images for my list titles. I want the layout to be simple not boring. So far, I like my layout. Besides the change in the GIF icons, I haven't redesigned my layout for over a year. That's saying something, I guess. What its saying I don't really know. 

Anyway, I think my current layout is pleasant to the eyes and it helps the readers (yes, may readers kasi ako e.) focus on my blog's content and not everything around it. My current layout has gone a long, long way from blog layouts of yesteryears. But even how 'baduy' I think my past blog layouts were, they spoke of who I was back then. So I don't regret making them that way. The same way I do not regret donning elephant jeans and baby tees. Teka, I take that back. I regret those days. Wait, I think I lost the point I was making. Haaaaay, I'll just end this post now. The End.

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