STORY: Faint Encounter

As a kid, I would always practice fainting. I would stand at the edge of my bed, fall backwards and practice where my arms would go, where my head would face and how my hair would spread out. It was because I always saw fainting in the teleseryes the help, my lolas and my mom would watch. The leading lady would be the usual victim of fainting then the hero (out of nowhere) would run to the scene, pick her up and bring her to the hospital. Then, she would wake up in the hospital (all pretty) and thank her knight in shining armor for rescuing her. Also, I always saw fainting as something sexy (weird, noh?) It's the damsel in distress type where you are just helpless and a knight will come to your rescue (but don't get me wrong ah, I am a modern independent woman who doesn't need a man to make her feel complete. Oha, kabog! Yes, I used the word kabog. Pasensya na). Anyway, yesterday I actually experienced fainting for the first time... and it wasn't sexy at all! 

I have been complaining about this pain in my right ear since Friday and last Sunday afternoon, the pain became so unbearable, I ended up with fever. My throat began to hurt as well. I couldn't swallow my food, drinking became more difficult and by the end of Sunday night, I couldn't even swallow my own saliva. During the course of the night, my muscles began to weaken as well. My thighs and legs were shaking and I didn't know why. My dad told me we would go to the doctor tomorrow. He told me he'd bring me to the ER since clinics were closed due to the holiday. 

Come Monday morning, I was feeling even worse. I didn't sleep very well because I kept waking up to drink water since my mouth was drying up due my difficulty with saliva or something. Because I kept drinking, I kept peeing as well. Basta long story short, I didn't sleep well. At around 7am Monday, we went to the ER and we were told that there were no ENTs available due to the holiday. The other doctors could check on me but they could only give me immediate relief. I would still have to come back to be checked by the specialist. We went to two other hospitals and were told the same thing. My mom then remembered that there was an EENT clinic near our place that may be open. When we got there, she was right, the clinic was open. 

I was checked up by  the doctor and was told that there was nothing wrong with my ear. He did tell me that my throat was swollen and was infected that's why there was a lot of pus on it (I know, disgusting!) It was because my throat was swollen that the pressure went up to my ears and made my ears hurt. The doctor was old and took a long time to respond to my mom and I's questions so I was quite annoyed. I was also very weak and tired so my temper was way worse than the usual. I wanted to skip the taray queen from making a scene so I told mom that I would go ahead in the car. She stayed a while longer to talk to the doctor about what medicine I should drink and what I should do.

When I got out of the clinic, I tried to open the gates but the handles were a bit difficult to open so I tried to pull harder and harder. My arms then began to weaken and in a matter of seconds my arms gave way. I couldn't move it anymore! I just stared outside the gate towards the car not knowing what to do. Then I started to bend forward then back, left then right when my knees gave in as well. My vision had gone blurry and next thing I knew I was blacked out and lying on the garage floor with my head rested on the bumper of the car parked inside. I could remember faintly people talking to me but it was exactly like those scenes in the movies where everything is blurred and my vision dips to black every other second. My dad carried me to the car and he told me I wasn't as light as a baby anymore! He wasn't as strong as he was, too. My dad is growing old (Huhu). 

While I was lying in the car, I couldn't remember anything. I just knew I was lying there. I could hear mom tell me to try to stand and she and my brother would assist me in walking. I opened my eyes and felt a bit lost. I was trying to understand where I was and what I was going to do. I tried to get up. I placed my hand around my brother's neck and tried to stand but as I did, it felt like I had no bones! I started to fall down down the sidewalk, dragging my brother with me! It was a good thing my mom caught me! My brother ended up carrying all the way inside the house. I fell asleep right away. The next memory I had was me crying out loud about not being able to move my legs. I swear, it was the scariest thing ever! I seriously couldn't move my legs! I tried to stand but it was like no energy went down to my feet.

The rest of the day was just as worse. I did feel a little better but it was on and off. One minute I would be walking to the fridge, the next minute I would be throwing up what little I have managed to digest. I was a mess.

Even if I'm a modern, independent woman, I still like it when I get swept off my feet by a knight every once in a while and this guy right here never fails to do just that... minsan nga lang overswept, nadadapa na ko!
Jose came to visit though. He brought fruits and Gatorade and guess what... he went up to my room! And my parents were the one who asked him to. How cool and new was that? Hahahaha. Anyway, he sliced the apples and washed the grapes, placed them in a bowl all on his own (well, with my sister Amanda telling him where everything was) just like he lived here. Haha. He stayed beside me the entire time and even ate the Zark's burger dad bought for me! Too bad! I was really excited to finally try one of those famous Zark's burgers but the thought of anything fried made me want to vomit again. When my mom saw me feeling more energized, she blurted out the super gasgas joke, "Yakapsule lang pala katapat mo e!" He left at around 7pm and I was feeling so much better than I finally had some appetite! As soon as he left, I ate rice and sinigang... my first meal for the day! I only ate soup and crackers since morning.

Breakfast in bed. Sopas with medicine on the side
My throat is still hurting but not as much as yesterday. I think the medicine is taking its effect already. Hay. I missed work today since I am not fully well. I'm afraid if I did go to work, I may just throw up in the office comfort room! That would be such an embarrassment now, wouldn't it? Anyway, I better get some rest now if I want to get back to work tomorrow and ready for the anniversary paintball party on Thursday! Bye!

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