STORY: The Flu

My hair is messier than usual, my face is as pale as it could be and my outfit didn't even take me a minute to put together (jeans, shirt under a thick hoodie and some chucks - the generic look). Yes, I am sick. 

Of course, as any usual teenager (yes, teenager pa din at 20!) who has access to the internet (particularly Twitter) would do, I have ranted about the sniffles and the coughing (but kept the vomiting out of the 140 characters) and have wished for it to go away. But part of me is actually enjoying being sick. I haven't been sick in a long time and having a valid reason to slow down and do nothing is quite nice. Then I think about the medicine and the icky fluids mom forces me to take, and I take it all back! I hope I get better already!

P.S. My body has yet to accept any food in the last 30 hours. I keep throwing everything back up a few minutes after I eat them! (Sorry for that disgusting image I bet you can't erase) Ugh, I have also showed disgust over Lechon Kawali. Lechon Kawali?! One of my favorite-st food and I showed dislike for it? Hay, go away flu (I think it's the flu) and let me eat like a pig again! 

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