STORY: Make Room

I redecorated my room... again! After painting my room white with yellow stripes, having shelves installed, having my bed cut short, having my table and shelves painted... I am still not done! Today, with the help (lots and lots of help) from Jose, I changed my room's look once again! 

Some time in 2011
Since Jose introduced me to the wonder of carbon fiber stickers (which he uses for his car), I began to think of a lot of ways where I could use this. After months and months of just thinking of using this material, we finally bought some vinyl stickers (when we got to the shop, I found out there were more than just "carbon fiber" stickers available... so I chose another material, vinyl stickers) last Tuesday and planned on putting them on my furniture this day, Saturday.

I originally planned to buy black. I wanted everything in the room to be black but after imagining it against my yellow and white wall, I rethought the idea. When I saw the turquoise roll in the store, I knew I wasn't leaving the store with black stickers in my hand. I also remembered the color my sister, who I share the room with, wanted. She said she wanted purple and when I saw the shade of purple that one of the rolls came in, I knew I should get it as well. It's a great thing that it went well with the turquoise sticker I already picked out. 

Anyway, Jose had make-up classes today, Saturday, due to the suspension of classes the past week. We had already planned to decorate this day and did not expect he would have the entire morning eaten up. But we pushed through with the plan still. We started at 3:30pm and ended past 7 o'clock. It was tiring but I knew Jose was even more drained than I was. He had already spent 8 hours in school so having to work with me for another 4 hours is really draining. Thanks Jose! I'll just give my best when I help you with your video project next week. :) 

So, how did my room end up looking?

 It ended up looking like a kid's room! Well, it's okay since I do have younger sisters sharing the room with me so it's appropriate. I love how the double deck and cabinet look like a set! The upper bed is custom-made by my dad while the lower bed was custom-made by my lolo. The cabinet was bought a long, long time ago and looked really bad before I changed the design. Heck, the cabinet even looks new!

Vinyl magic! 
I also painted the shelf in my "office" to black. My office looks pretty cramped right now because of my rearrangement but the arrangement makes the rest of the room spacious.

This entire shelf and all of its clutter didn't use to be in this spot. But I took one for the team and allowed my sisters to place their school stuff in my little haven - my office.

My table used to be where the shelf is now. My table used to be the only thing is this tiny, square room but no... I had to rearrange stuff. Haaay.

I'll figure out what I'm going to do about my cramped office next time because for now, I'll just enjoy my turquoise-purple "bedroom set" kuno! :P

I added the purple stripe in the bed so that it would look matchy-matchy with the cabinet!
By the way, my friend commented how the room looks very "disney-ish" which I did not intend to achieve but heck, I'm taking that as a compliment. That was one great accident. :)

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