STORY: Multiply Divides

So, another social networking site has bowed down to Facebook. The news on Multiply "closing shop" (you will see the irony of that statement in a while) is confirmed. If you go visit the site, you will see the banner on top stating that come December 1st, Multiply will turn itself into a full blown online shopping site and will rid itself of all the social networking features (you see the irony now?). 

Anyway, I have long deserted Multiply as I did with Friendster but I can't help but feel more attached to the former. Friendster didn't really do much but turn everyone into attention seeking jejemons who would ask for "testimonials" in exchange of another "testimonial." I cringe right now at the memory of me saying "Pahingi ng testi!" Could I have been any dorkier? Anyway, I didn't really give Friendster a second look when I found out it was going to delete all of my information. I mean, there wasn't much information to delete anyway. But with Multiply, there was information I wanted to save... a lot of information.

Multiply, for the past 4 or 5 years, has served as my storage site. I didn't check on it often (since everyone moved on to Facebook) but it gave me a nice feeling of security knowing that no matter how many times my computer/s would crash, my photos would be safe. I blogged a lot on that site as well. Hard core blogging, I might add. I blogged on that site every single day for two years. I was so into blogging that I seriously never missed a day (heck, I can't even do that here!) On days I fail to log in, I would write down my entry on a piece of paper, the back of my notebook, even a tissue, then type it in once I get the chance. As much as I am aware of all the cringe-worthy blog posts I made, I don't really want to forget any of those stories. Those stories meant something to me at that time (the same way I feel about this post, which I may cringe at 5 years from now) and I want to keep them. The same way I would like to keep all the photos I uploaded - peace signs, terrible haircuts and face-palm-worthy fashion included.

After hearing the news of Multipy shutting down, I immediately went to the site to check it out for myself. And as I logged in to my Multiply account, a got a sudden rush of nostalgia. Browsing through my photos (after I have done a number of cringes and face palms), I came to appreciate how much I've changed... how much I've grown... and I mean that both externally and internally. Not only do I look different (Thank God!) but I also think different. You could sense what I prioritized, what I thought was cool and uncool, what I believed was friendship... what kind of person I was. Although I am still very much embarrassed about the images and text I saw, seeing it gave me a better understanding of the experiences I went through and why things happened the way they did. It is true, you can't really move forward if you forget to look back. The past brings the gift of understanding and the future has high demands of that very thing. 

If it weren't for Multiply, I wouldn't have had the chance to realize all the stuff I just said. So, thanks for that Multiply. It was a good run and I hope you continue to thrive in the cruel online world with bully Facebook taking everyone down. 

P.S. Can you give us, your soon-to-be-ex users, one more gift? Can you come up with a download button that downloads everything all at once? That would be a great farewell gift. Just saying. 

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