STORY: Pakwan This Sheet

Warning: All writing rules shall be thrown out the window. Will just rant about stuff before it sucks out all the self-respect I have in me.

Grabe, I just want to cry. Full blown hawak-sa-pader-sliding-down-slowly kind of cry. Its just that I'm stuck  in this position where I just have to take each blow. I can't fight back nor can I avoid getting hit. I just have to stand there, in place, and wait to be hit. And each day that goes by, my body is becoming more fragile and the hits begin  to sting more.

I shall try to make up cuss words since 'nice words' do not seem to suffice, okay? Tengener, "You don't have to pretend to be smart" E pano kung di ako nagprepretend? Bawal maging matalino? "You have to be articulate, you have to share your thoughts" And pagnagshashare nagmamagaling na trying hard maging smart. Pakwan this sheet naman yan oh, ano ba talaga? 

I apologize for the grammatical difficulties of the past paragraph. I am working on that episode of terrible writing to never reappear in this blog again. Kbye, back to regular programming.


Pya said...

Kekx? ikaw ba yan? hahaha!

Andy said...

Haha! Sorry naman. Rant post to so siguro nasalinan na ko ni Kekx ng ranting style nya!