STORY: Writing Woes

Seriously, I am not as good a writer as I thought I was. I don't mean I ever saw myself as a novelist or the next [insert name of writer you consider great here], but I honestly thought I got all the grammar rules perfected... but *drum roll* I'm wrong yet again.

I backread some of my blogs (vain ko, noh?) and every time I do, I manage to spot a grammatical mistake in at least one of the posts! I can't help but get mad at myself. I mean, couldn't I have at least checked my post before I published them? Now, the few people who could have been readers of my blog never will be... since they see me as a terrible writer. 

It's like I can't do anything right these days... both work and personal matters. (At least I got the "It's" right in this post. How humiliating would it be if people saw all the "It's" I failed to put an apostrophe on. Gaaaaaad, blogspot should shut me down na) 

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