THEORY: Give Me Some Drama

I don't want to sound like a ____________, but I'm just going to be honest with my myself. Sometimes I wish my love life had more color. Sometimes I wish it was much more exciting and had lots of twists and turns just like what I see on TV, specifically in Awkward (since I am doing a marathon of it and it's what triggered my shallow wish). But I don't want it to be as scandalous though, oh goodness, never will I wish for it to be scandalous. I just want a story that isn't very linear, a story that builds up before it reaches the happy ending. 

I know a lot of people would call me stupid and ungrateful for wishing my love life turned out differently. I mean, a lot of people have expressed envy about me getting things right the first time (so far) and not having to deal with a bunch of douchebags along the way. But can you blame me for wanting a little, uhm, spice? Do not get me wrong, I am happy with where I am and with who I am with now but I just wonder what kinds of stories I would be able to tell during high school reunions in the future. If things go the way they are going, I am going to have only one story to tell. And that's a wonderful thing - a little boring - but still wonderful.

I guess I'm just going to have to leave all the drama for TV and keep my life, specifically my love life, drama free. Actually, I do have some drama (a lot of drama) in my love life which I am still trying to recover from but that isn't the kind of drama I had in mind when I typed in the first paragraph of this post. I was imagining an "external" drama not drama within the relationship... but that's ancient history. That's a story, although filled with spice, I am not willing to tell. 

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