STORY: Hater

I don't like hating on people. Honest. Believe it or not, I am a lover of peace and joy and happiness and would love to see the day when I only see the goodness in people. But I hate you... and you haven't really done anything to me. Yes, I'm that kind of person. I hate on people for existing... but don't worry, I hate myself for that, too.

It's like your existence just brings unnecessary fear in my life. I'm afraid that you could steal something away from me. I'm afraid that you are such a good human being that you are better at everything. I hate that. You make me feel like what I have is inadequate. You make me feel horrible by being great at being yourself. 

I just hate you. I hate you so much! Did I say that already? Well, I haven't said it enough since outside my blog, and outside my head, I can only say how great a person you are. Because really, I don't need people thinking I'm a bad person for hating for no reason... but the truth has to come out some way, somehow. So while I fake my pleasantries, know that I hate you... because you are [actually] an awesome person.

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