STORY: Hectic Weekend

I haven't been so busy during a weekend in such a long time... but I'm not complaining!

Early Friday, the yearbooks got delivered. I had to help the delivery boys bring every single one of the 350+ yearbooks to the second floor office... Not to mention how difficult it was to get through St. Scho security (since getting outsiders inside the premises takes a lot of work!) 

Later that day, Jose and I went to Paranaque for his friend's elaborate apology. I was exhausted from my activities (and maybe my glass/es of margarita. Shhh.) that afternoon, so I was running on reserve fuel the entire 3-4 hours we spent that night. I met up with my bed past 11pm.

Saturday morning, I was up early for the yearbook distribution. The yearbooks had to be transported from the second floor office all the way to the Social Hall (which was at the ground floor of another building). When I got to the venue, my co-Pax mates had already started bringing the yearbooks down so I was saved from that but still, the rest of the morning was still tiring! Having to flip through heavy packages of yearbook looking for each one's yearbook (Our yearbook is personalized) is painful to the arms and back!

I left at around 1pm because I had another appointment in the afternoon. I had lunch at Jose's house first before heading to the nearby salon to have my hair straightened. I was going to attend the Penshoppe Fan Conference featuring Zac Efron at 6pm (but I agreed to meet Vannah, my co-trainee and co-fangirl at 3pm) and I wanted to look pretty in case I get a chance to take a picture with THE Zac Efron. More on that on a separate post... too much emotions! Anyway, I capped off the day at midnight.

Sunday morning, I slept in 'til 1130am (even though I had planned to sleep the entire day). Mom woke me up to ask what we wanted delivered since she woke up late and didn't get a chance to prepare lunch. We were all tired of chicken so we ended up going to Robinsons Otis to eat at whatever place we could find there (also to buy Gibbs'd dog food). We got back home at 2pm (since we all tried the massage chairs for two rounds each! Haha) and bought some ice cream. I went back to sleep and was awakened at 6pm.

I scrambled to take a shower and get dressed in time for Jose and I to catch the 730pm mass. We made it to mass just in time! We got back home before 9pm and joined my family for dinner. He left at 930pm.

It's 1120pm now and I guess it's time I cap off this night, too! I guess that ends the most hectic weekend ever! ♥ 

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