STORY: Like The Movies

I felt like the moment came straight out of a movie.

I would walk you out to our gate, along our dark alley, when it was time for you to leave during your visits at my place. We always, always share a hug or a kiss goodbye there, almost as if it was a mandatory thing. None of us required it, but if one of us didn't do it, it meant that something wasn't right. It was a habit that we formed unintentionally and without words. We just both knew that this would be our thing. 

Anyway, I was surprisingly pleasant during the ride home today (more than I expected of myself and apparently, from your nervous behavior, more than you expected as well). I knew that bothered you because you wouldn't stop fidgeting with my hand and wouldn't stop smelling my hair or kissing my forehead. It was more funny than romantic because we both could sense how crazy nervous you were. I don't know if you were nervous for the reasons I think you are, but you were nervous and it was kind of cute.

Back to our rom-com moment. So, the ride home was pleasant, your stay in our couch was also pleasant, and our goodbyes were pleasant. From the way I see it, there should no longer be reason for you to be nervous. You were on your way out of the door and I caught up with you and I walked you out through our alley... as always. And then you hugged me. Even if you always did hug me, this one was different. I'm not sure how or why but I knew it was different and I knew you felt it, too. I was smiling, although you didn't see it. That was my first genuine smile of the day. It was quite amazing that you saw through my fake pleasantries and that you just didn't buy my everything's-fine attitude the entire time we were together. In my mind, I knew that was why you were so nervous the entire time. You didn't point out my fake facade but I knew that you knew I wasn't really happy and if I had a choice, I wouldn't have been as pleasant.

We both let go of that hug that really made me feel special. I started to wave goodbye as you headed for our gate. Then you turned around and walked back to me and just hugged me again. Just as warm and tight as the first one. I laughed at the surprise hug but deep inside I felt so happy I wanted to cry. I was so unsure of a lot of things but at that very moment, it's like nothing was wrong. I forgot about everything that bothered me. I was just happy again. I asked you why you did that and you said that you felt something was wrong. That if the worst would happen that I decide to break up with you, you'd at least made the most of our last moments. I laughed at your response but deep inside I felt the same way. What if this was our last moment together? 

You did that same thing two more times and each time I found it more difficult to hold my tears back. I laughed it off of course and I believe you bought that laugh that time. After the fourth hug, I started to walk back towards our front door. I already had one foot inside the house when I felt that you were running back to me all the way from the other end of the alley. I thought you had already left since I saw you open the gate already but no, you came back a fifth time. This time you hugged me so tight, you lifted me from the ground. I hugged  you back as tight as I could and as quick as possible. If I hold on any longer I might not want to ever let you go again... also, my tears were just a second away from making a scene. 

I didn't turn my back after that fifth time. I watched you until you walked all the way to the gate, opened it, and went out. I shouted my usual, "Ingat!" and you responded with your usual smile and that was it. I ran to the bathroom to cry a little but other than that, I had my 5 minutes of movie-worthy moment. 

I felt like the moment came straight out of a movie... but this one was better, because this one was script-less, raw, and real.

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