STORY: Movie Worthy

Friday night, Jose brought me along to his friend's "proposal" gimmick. I eventually found out that it was actually an elaborate apology and not a proposal. Anyway, he told me that his friend asked his Team FD (a group of Honda Civic owners) buddies to bring their cars along and post a letter on their windshields as part of the gimmick. But that plan was scratched when got there and everyone who got invited just ended up being the audience to the movie-worthy apology. 

We waited in the function room in the village clubhouse for almost an hour. Jose's friend, Bunty (I don't know if I spelled it correctly) picked up his ex-girlfriend (the girl had no idea about us being there waiting for them to arrive) and finally arrived at the venue. We were all waiting at the steps of the clubhouse facing the field where there was this red-lit diamond with balloons right down the middle. As soon as we saw the girl and Bunty walking towards the diamond, the speakers blasted the song "One More Chance" and the "audience" held up the "I'm Sorry" and "One More Chance" posters. 

I didn't know what the apology was for but it must have been something really bad for the guy to go through all this trouble to say sorry. I eventually found out (notice how I always find things out eventually? Jose doesn't really relay information very well so I end up finding it out on my own!) that the couple broke up two years ago and this was the guy's attempt to get back together. I'm not going to keep you all in suspense and just go ahead and blurt it out... the gimmick worked! By the end of the night, they were smiling and teasing each other like any other couple (Of course, there will be more talking and working things out that will happen after that night, but at least the girl agreed to try again) I swear, as I was talking photos, it felt like the scene came straight out of those Pinoy RomCom movies! No wonder the girl said yes!

The posters!
There were balloons scattered all over saying "Sorry" and "One More Chance"
There was a small feast that followed the middle-of-field-with-matching-music apology. Bongga diba?
Oha? Catered ang apology! In movies, we are always only shown the extravagant apology complete with tears, speeches and applause but the movies never show what happens after. Does the crowd suddenly disperse and go home? Does the music just suddenly stop? Who cleans up after - the balloons, the petals, etc? Well, for this particular case, what happened after was food! 
The red-lit diamong with balloons in the middle of the field
Approaching the "stage"
I was a stranger that night. Neither the guy or girl knew who I was so kapal ng peys ko talaga to go around and take photos. But I think the guy didn't mind and actually was thrilled about all the cameras flashing at the same time.
Down on bended knees
Spot the posters? Spot Jose? (If not, he's the guy in black leftmost) 
For a moment, everyone thought the girl would say no. The girl stood in front of the guy with her hands at her back and said nothing. She was crying and shaking her head and no one was sure what that meant. I could feel the nerves of the guy going crazy from where I stood so I was quietly praying the girl would say yes. I could only imagine how devastated the guy would have been... and how awkward it would be for all of us!

The entire night I kept kidding Jose about me forgiving him too easily. I told him, "Walang sinabi Cello donuts mo dito! May mas hopeless romantic pa pala sayo!" I told him just saying sorry won't work after that night! (I'm kidding of course... or am I? Haha) The other Team FD guys even teased us saying that we should get into a fight so they'd have free dinner again next week. Hihi.

Anyway, I tried my best to blend in the entire night (which felt like it stretched somewhere between two hours to forever). I sat in a table of car enthusiasts who either told inside jokes or discussed car-related stuff. So, blending in ended up being shutting up and being invisible. Hay... but I won't spoil this story with my usual lack-of-social-skills problems.

Congrats Bunty! Hope love is sweeter the second time around 

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