STORY: Meet My Mates!

I've been in the company I'm with right now for almost 5 months and yet, I still have not introduced my co-trainees! I've mentioned them once or twice before so it's about time to put some faces to the names.

A testament to how much time I have on my hands (in my defense, I made this cartoon during the first month of training, so we really did have a lot of spare time), I was able to make a cartoon version of all 7 of my co-trainees! 

L-R, Top-Bottom: Jake, Chary, AM, Yana, Xea, Mary, Me and Vannah 
(Xea was nice enough to make my cartoon! I have never been able to draw myself so I didn't even try!)

 L-R: Mary, AM, Jake, Yana, Me, Vannah, Xea, Chary
The instruction was to look shocked and this was how each of us interpreted it.

Random webcam photos for when we're bored or when we just want to look at ourselves. Haha.

By the way, there is this "tradition" (if you can call it that, since we are just 5 months in) that the AdSchool people (what we are called in the office) have come up with. Every time it's someone's birthday, everyone pitches in to buy a gift for the celebrant. And then we surprise the celebrant in our "cave" (a.k.a. Xea and I's isolated office. Yes, I mentioned before that I had a office not a cubicle and it has it's pros and cons... birthday surprises being one of the positives) with matching song and webcam-whoring. 

Anyway, we don't spend as much time as a group than we did the first month and a half. We used to be in a classroom set-up where all of us would sit round one big table, listen to lectures, participate in group activities and present in front of our facilitators and each other. But after the first 5 weeks, we were assigned to different departments so we only get to talk to each other during lunch. And over the course of 5 months, we've slowly developed our own set of words and phrases and a few inside jokes as well. It's always fun when people invade our cave during lunchtime when we can converse in this "exclusive" language of ours, but of course, some are busier than the others so we aren't always complete. It's only during our birthday surprises that we get to see all eight of us together.

Well, this post really is just a desperate attempt to kill time but apparently, this just got me 30 minutes less of doing nothing. Hay, please brief me already! 

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