STORY: Name Dropping

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I have just been insulted like that... by a stranger... on the phone!

Last Sunday, I was at the Mall of Asia. They have this area in the middle where they have booths for all the SMDC condominiums. I decided to get one flyer for the Jazz Residences since it's the one located in Makati. When I saw the flyer, it said that one unit is just 9,800 a month. I thought, "Uy, kaya." 

Of course, I was skeptical that it was just going to be 9,800 with all the additional charges hidden from flyers. So when I rolled my eyes towards the bottom of the flyer and I saw a number, I thought, 'Why not ask?" Out of curiosity, I contacted the number, since it did say "Call me, maybe" (as if that line wasn't used enough), a sign that the person was eager to hear from you. 

I texted that number asking how much the "real" price was. The guy responded a few minutes later. The unit ended up costing 15,000 a month and will be ready for occupancy by the end of 2014. I wasn't planning on getting a unit. I just wanted to ask around, for future reference, maybe, so I didn't reply. The guy texted again, asking for details about me. I didn't respond. 

Fast forward to late Monday afternoon, I get a call from a mysterious number. I pick it up since it may be an important call. When I answer, the first thing the guy from the other end says, "Kukuha po kayo condominium, diba?" I was a bit confused since I forgot about my inquiry yesterday. (I was already a little off by the guy's lack of greeting or introduction) It took me a question or two to remember who I was talking to and what the guy talking about. When I said that I got what was happening, he just went on and asked "How young are you?" Just straightforward, "How young are you?" without even briefing me what the information was going to be used for or if I would feel comfortable revealing such information. I answered, although hesitantly. 

He then asked, and I quote, "San kayo? San nagtratrabaho?" I answered, "Makati. Why? What is this for?" He ignored my question and continued asking, "San sa Makati? Ano position nyo?" I wasn't comfortable revealing this information to this guy, so I just answered, "along Ayala." He had two or three follow up questions about where I worked and what specific company I was in which I ignored. I thought he got the picture that I didn't feel like answering his questions but he just changed the questions! He went on to ask where I lived, and when I said Manila, he wanted the specific area! I was already pissed so I said firmly, "What is this for? Why are you asking me this?" He then replied, "Para alam po namin kung capable kayo for this. Is this your first investment?" 

The guy  seems to have thick skin since he doesn't realize how rude he is being. I told him, to shut him up, "You know, I will just call you when I'm interested in getting one already." I think the guy felt irritated that he wasted a few minutes of his time calling me, someone he thought he could get money out of, that is why he said, "Next time ho, pag mag-inquire kayo siguraduhin nyo may pang-invest kayo!" Then he dropped the phone. Just. Like. That. Not even a "thank you for your interest" or "thank you for your time." None. 

I think SMDC should put some attention on the people they hire to deal with their future customers... that is if customer satisfaction is their top concern. 

Anyway, people always say they do not like to stoop down to the level of the people who hate on them but I won't mind doing that now. So, Justin Mark Rubio, you said to call you and I did contact you and this is how you treat me. Well, the best of luck to you... not. 

Mean na kung mean. 


Anonymous said...

Will try to forward your concern. my mom is friends with one of the sales rep of smdc - Pya

Andy said...

Wow! Thanks Pya! Haha!