THEORY: Gray Area

I don't like being fooled. I don't like being cheated on. I don't like having my trust betrayed. I mean, who does? But the hard part is knowing if you really are cheated on. I mean, are there rules or guidelines that people follow to label a person a "cheater?" Because maybe, I just feel cheated on but I really am not.

I am no expert in relationships but there is one rule I have been following my entire life - trust your gut. If something feels wrong, it must be wrong. If something feels right, it must be right. Because really, there are all these relationship rules out there, but they do not really apply to everyone... mainly because every relationship is different. We shouldn't expect these relationship rules to work for a certain couple and also work for a totally different couple. It just doesn't work that way. 

Anyway, my gut is telling me that this is wrong but relationship rules say otherwise. I know I said I don't believe in all that rules and stuff but the contradiction between my feelings and thoughts is just too much for me not to consider seeking some structure. 

Is it okay for someone in a relationship to like like someone else? Although the person in the relationship  isn't really doing anything about this attraction, doesn't that merit some sort of betrayal? And the clincher is that this person in a relationship spends time with this person he likes, not necessarily doing anything wrong wrong, but isn't the situation bordering out of the gray area into black? I don't know. My gut is telling me this won't turn out well but I welcome your opinion. 


Camz Mendez said...

Yup... same situation here in the office. There is something wrong.

Andy said...

Are you the one in the gray area or are you watching someone else enter the borders?