THEORY: Outgrown People

We outgrow shirts. We outgrow shoes. We outgrow our taste for bubblegum pop. And we outgrow people. I don't mean to equate humans with objects, but it appears that the principle applies to both living and inanimate. Truth is, we change, we mature, we grow, and sometimes the clothes, the shoes, the popstar idol and the people around us don't grow with us. 

For me, there is nothing wrong with that. It's the truth. We do outgrow people. I don't understand why society forces me to like to be around people that don't make sense anymore. I mean, society understands that my fashion choices should be left in the '90s where they belong, or that my fangirling over the star that is spiraling her way down to rehab every other month must be put to an end, but society doesn't understand that my friendship with this person must be left to memory as well. They call me a bad person for "forgetting people" but isn't that just normal? This just doesn't make sense.

Sure, we were friends once in my life, and boy were those times we shared really good times, but our relationship ended when we lost interest in things we once shared in common... oh, and when they boy band we would sing along to broke up. I don't hate you and I hope you don't hate me too, but I just don't think I want to hang out anymore. Ugh, I feel like a really bad person for saying that but admit it, you were thinking the same thing for some time, too. 

But I will succumb to the pressure of society and will keep my mouth shut. I will keep our friendship on my shelf and let it collect dust, rather than freeing both of us from the obligation that friendship requires. So, my closets have been emptied of outgrown shirts and shoes, my playlist have been rid of painful bubblegum pop (well, not completely), but I will keep you, my outgrown friend around... because society says I should.

Ang again, I don't hate you at all. I needed to clear that out, because I really don't. 


Allyssa Arcangel said...

I feel you, Andy! I was thinking about the same thing for a long time now, and I'm glad someone put my thoughts into words. :')

Andy said...

Thanks Alyssa! And thanks for dropping by. Didn't think people read my blog! :D