THEORY: Two Problems

Seriously, the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen defines this period of my life right now. (Not the movie, just the movie title, okay? I am not about to go on a crazy, exaggerated adventure to meet my super idol rock star, and I'm not about to make up half of my life. I'm not there yet.)

But there are two problems in this situation
  • I am not a teenager. I am way past adolescence and all that hormonal shizzle that trigger this kind of unreasonable inclination towards drama. So, I have no valid excuse for my behavior. I am expected to be mature, calm, and rational about conflict but it appears that I am leaning towards drama  as much  as Lindsay Lohan's character did in her [terribly cheesy] flick.
  • I am not a teenager. Did I say that already? Well, this problem counts twice.
Yes, I'm a drama queen and I'm not happy about it. 

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