STORY: DIY Lace Vest

I bought this lace vest from a friend's online shop about two years ago and have not worn it since. I don't know why I bought it in the first place, I guess I just thought it was a really nice item to have. Anyway, after years of storage, I decided to bring it out and fix it. The vest had sleeves and shoulder pads and I suspected that that was what was keeping me from wearing the piece. So, I grabbed some scissors and snipped away.

And the result...

Not only did I update the vest, I was also able to wear my old floral summer dress in a new way. I don't usually gravitate towards florals or lace (too dainty for my taste), but I think the outfit turned out pretty okay, don't you think? I could've picked better shoes but Jose and I were in a hurry to leave home and get to Nuvali before the sun totally sets! Haha. We didn't plan to go to Nuvali, but after suggesting I wanted to take photos of my new creation, Jose gamely agreed!

As usual, Jose and I headed to Gerry's Grill and ordered our favorites.

What a delicious way to end our impromptu Sunday trip. :)

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