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I have been procrastinating the entire day. No exaggerations, literally the whole day! I told myself I would do this thing due on Monday, since it is a holiday today and I had nothing planned. But as my lazy self should have predicted, I kept putting the task off until midnight. Now, I'm too sleepy to think properly (yet I can still blog) which only means I have successfully put the entire day to waste!

It's quite amazing how everything becomes so much more interesting when you are avoiding something! Imagine, I clipped my nails that didn't needed clipping, I watched YouTube videos of celebrities leaving restaurants, and refreshed Facebook about a hundred times. Yes, I was that desperate to put the task off.

Anyway, one of the many suddenly-interesting-mundane things I noticed today was my Facebook name. I don't know if I really am observant and obsessed or I'm still just trying to procrastinate but I noticed how most of my Facebook friends use their nicknames as their Facebook name. If not their nickname, just one of the two or three given names they have. I felt bothered that I use my real, full name on my profile. Thus ignited about an hour long debate in my head about changing my facebook name or not.

Changing my Facebook Name

  • People who only know me thru Facebook won't know my real name
  • Those who know me only by my real name won't be able to search me
  • Some people still call  me by my real name
  • I have never changed my Facebook name... ever.
  • I have always used the same name for all my maintained accounts (except twitter since my username is my real name)
  • It feels like I'm putting my parents' efforts of coming up with my name to waste :(

  • People who only know me thru Facebook won't know my real name (Yes, I am aware this is repeated. I meant to)
  • People can tag me much easier since they are more familiar with my nickname
  • Those who know me only by my nickname will be able to search me
  • It's shorter (therefore, cooler since it has the I-couldnt-care-less vibe... or is that just me?)
  • My nickname is my present identity and changing my Facebook name to it makes my online life consistent with the real one (woah)

I really did weigh the pros and cons in my head. This isn't a joke. I really am that obsessed about things. Anyway, if you are wondering what side won, the pro argument did.

As I tried to analyze why I was obsessing over such a simple thing, I realized I was afraid of people forgetting my real name, and the life I had when I was still called by that name. Also, I felt that changing my full name to my nickname was a way of rejecting the identity my parents gave me (which made me feel I was ungrateful) and a sign that I was embracing an identity I created for myself (which made me feel empowered). I was torn so before I drew any conclusions, I browsed through my friends list and noticed how even if my friends only used their nicknames or first names, I still knew their real, full names. I realized that people who really know me will still know my real name, regardless of what Facebook name I use. And the people who will not know my real name because I don't put it online don't deserve my real name at all. I shouldn't be worrying about hiding a life/identity from them, because really, if they are worth sharing any   information about my life, even just my real name, they wouldn't just be a Facebook friend, they'd be my friend. 

If this is what procrastination can do to me, I don't really see it as a bad thing. Hihi.

Note: Although I still have that thing due Monday! Yikes!

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