STORY: The Perks Of Joining The Bandwagon

I finally caught The Perks of Being A Wallflower last night and before you go pointing fingers at me saying I'm just joining the bandwagon, then let me be the first to tell you, yes, you are right, I did join the bandwagon. Happy? 

I didn't really intend to see this film. I've seen the trailer countless times in cinemas during previews and I wasn't intrigued by it at all. I found it boring and formulaic. It's the typical coming-of-age film where you have a troubled/outcast lead who eventually realizes life is better than he thought. Just add in some odd ball friends and good looking mean, popular kids and you've got your next big hit! 

But the reviews kept pouring in and I couldn't help but listen. I've watched the interviews on YouTube, read reviews on different websites, scrolled through tweets and status updates of my online friends, even listened to the thoughts of people in the office who watched it already and it was overwhelmingly positive. I had to check out what the fuss is all about. 

I was glad I did join the bandwagon. I was glad I checked it out. I was glad I listened because I would have missed out on a great film. It was not at all typical. It had a very independent film vibe to it - from the shots, the lighting, the music, the acting - it felt very real. It's the coming-of-age film stripped off of any Hollywood glitz. It was wonderful. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me think of things I told myself I won't think about. It made me feel something inside... and I'm not sure what but I know it's a good thing.

From the trailer and from the stuff I read, I found the quotes from the film a tad too cheesy or trying hard, but when I heard them within the context of the film, I was able to fully appreciate those lines. I laughed when I heard the line "We are infinite" from the trailer and asked myself what that meant. But really, as I was watching the film, I realized that yes, there were nights I did feel the way they did and I just didn't know then the words to describe it. Now, I know. I felt infinite. Like the night would never end, that the feelings I was having would last forever, that the people around me would be there for life, that time would just stop and make the moment last forever. I remember feeling that and now I have the perfect line to encapsulate those times - I felt infinite.

I would love to go on and on about the film and the different scenes that made me tear up or laugh but it wouldn't do the film justice. Even the synopsis would ruin it! What made the film great was how the story built up, how the actors portrayed the characters, the small glances and whispers exchanged. I think this is the type of film you can't chop into parts, you have to digest it whole to fully appreciate it.

Also, the movie just hit way too close to home for me to talk about without getting emotional again... so I'd rather savor my thoughts in private than risk revealing my troubled self to the public. I just had to put a good word out there for the film (not that it needed anymore of it! Everyone is raving about it), so here it is. 

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