STORY: Shiny, Sheer and Snakeskin

I am quite shocked at how willing Jose is to take my photos these past few times. He always grumbles when I even just bring up taking my photos. I don't know what changed his mind but I ain't complaining!

Anyway, The Landmark really is a treasure island for girls like me. I'm not really a spender on clothes, although I do have a few exceptions here and there when it is okay to splurge. But if I chance upon a really cute piece and see that the price tag is way lower than I would expect, I don't think twice about purchasing it. An example is the sheer snakeskin top I'm wearing. Would you think that this top came from a department store? What's even greater is that I found this only piece hidden in some forgotten rack... which means there are less chances of bumping into another girl wearing the same top!

I was making faces while Jose tried to figure the camera setting out.

By the way, I also got the gold necklace from The Landmark. My taste for things develops a little slower than everybody else. I usually appreciate trends when they are about to go away. Statement necklaces for example. I have only recently appreciated how great they make outfits look. Well, at least I'll be a hipster like that! Hihi. I'll be wearing stuff when no one else is.

I know should just be happy Jose is actually agreeing to take my photos but I really do wish he could learn to use the camera better! I am not the most makapal person out there and taking these photos really takes some guts! I get really shy when people walk by so it would help if Jose could take good photos fast. Believe it our not, he took about 50 shots and only about 10 of them are clear. So what a waste of my gutsiness, right? Jose, if you see this, don't hate me? Hihi. :* 

But Jose's misuse of the camera did produce something nice. This overexposed photo actually looks pretty. :)

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