THEORY: I Don't Forget

I'm not ready. I've tried to face this situation head on so many times already and I fail each time. I don't think I will ever be ready. I don't even think I can take anymore. I don't think I want to take any of it anymore. I tried though. I honestly gave it my best shot but I guess that's as far as I can go. 

I'm not ready. I still cry at the thought of everything and knowing that I'm entering unsafe territory again is bringing back so many fears to the surface.

I keep saying that rather than figure out a solution, I should just forget... and for a moment I truly thought I did. But no. I never forget, I just get distracted. And distractions can only last for so long. Distraction is over and tomorrow, I'll have to remember everything again. I'm not ready to remember just yet. I don't think I ever will be.  

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