THEORY: Wild Child

I'm scared I might run into you one day and lose control over my tongue. I don't know if you are aware that I hate you, your guts and your (seemingly) only pair of shoes but I won't care, I won't explain, I won't think twice... I will go right ahead, walk up to you and hurt you with words I never thought I could speak. I know I sound so evil, mean, b*tchy, and without class, but you started this, so in a sense, you wanted this to happen. 

Did you really expect me to just watch you poke at me? You thought wrong. It's been months since you first cut me open, and the wound is not yet healed. I still hate you as much as the day you first joined the story of my life... and mind you, you were never invited. Who's without class now, party crasher, er, story invader?

P.S. I know I hate your guts and all but I'm still going to give you advice (See what I good person I am? How dare you hurt me?). Can you please get at least one more pair of shoes? Kasi obvious masyado na one pair lang. You don't wear a uniform but it looks like you do. If someone goes through your albums (and I admittedly have. What? I need to know what I'm up against!), they'd see the same shirt+jeans+black Keds combo you've got going... and it's been going on for quite some time now! And though your shirts change colors, that doesn't really count as variety.

I'm being mean again. Ugh. Why do I feel bad about it! No, Andy. You're supposed to be ready for this. You aren't supposed to chicken out when you come face to face with this ***** one day. Suck your gut and be mean... and don't you dare feel bad about it! (Well, just when you're mean towards this *****, that is)

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