STORY: Staying In

I used to list down the movies we see on the big screen, but now, we've seen way too many for me to keep track! I also used to document the food and restaurants we go to, as if eating at a place fancier than McDonald's was such a big thing (well, for the then 17 year olds, it really was a big deal!), but we've eaten at these places more times than I can remember than it seems pointless to take a photo of the same old dish.

So, 4 and 3/4 years later, I find myself wanting to document the things we do at home more than the bunch of movies and restaurants we frequent. Going out seems to be a routine already so staying in and hogging the couch feels much more exciting. So, that explains the following set of photos.


Okay, self-pity/insecure post up ahead. You were warned.

I'm never going to be her. I'm never going to make you look twice. You won't be able to see me in a sea of people. I don't look any different than the next girl. I'm the type who blends in. And I can't really do anything about it. I guess I just have to accept that the world favors her and I just have to live with it.

And when I say her, I'm talking about all the gorgeous women of this world that just makes life so unfair.

THEORY: Am I With A Stranger?

I was watching an episode of New Girl a few days back and it was about outgrowing relationships. Jess was wondering if she had met her best friend Cece at present day, would they still be the best of friends? They met when they were still in high school and the person that they were then are totally different people from who they are now. The same thoughts as Jess has been going through my head the entire night. If I had met X today, would we still be friends? would I still want to be with X? would X still want to be with me?

Honestly, I think the answer is no... and that scares me. 

As I reflected on how the things I knew about X has changed, and the things X knew about me has changed as well, I realized we could very well be strangers. Even I find myself looking at 16 year old me as a stranger... what more 16 year old X! It scares me how I didn't even realize how someone so close to me has become a totally different person. The question now is, is this new version of X someone I like to be with as much as the older version I first knew?

Honestly, I don't know and I'm scared to find out. 

STORY: High School

I always get excited about going back to my high school. I love my teachers. I love the friends I made there. I love the feeling I get every time I enter the familiar gates. So when my school had a week long centennial anniversary celebration, I just had to drop by. Of course, I had work, so the only time I got to go was the annual concert held Friday night. When I got to the concert, I came across familiar faces and places and the memories came rushing back, also the feelings that came with it.

I know this sounds bad, but really, the main reason I'm excited about going back is to show people that I have "evolved." I wasn't the coolest or most popular kid back in high school. I would even go as far as call myself a dork and a loser (and this is not the kind of self-pity that people do to sound cool for whatever reason. This is plain truth). I was painfully shy, had no sense of fashion, had terrible hair and was just plain uninteresting. And at that time, I was unaware I was a dork, so I didn't really do anything about it. I didn't care! (Original hipster right here!) I also had very few friends and found it very difficult to make new ones. Maybe because I wasn't really very fun to be around. I was the diligent student that others would make fun of for following school rules, but I was also the kid people would be nice to when they had to copy my homework. I was that girl. And now I'm the girl who wants to show those popular girls that they can no longer do that to me. (Oh goodness, the story of my life is sounding so much like an American comedy film about HS reunions). I have no grudges with them ha. It isn't their fault they were pretty and friendly and everyone liked them. I just have some issues with myself for not being like them. I just can't let it go! (See, loser alert!)

STORY: Passing Through

Jose stole me from work and food court food one weekday and took me to lunch at Greenbelt. Seeing that there were no cars or people at the parking lot, and that there was this lovely corner filled with light passing through the bars, and Jose had his SLR sitting in the backseat, I thought, why not take some photos here? Thus explains the next bunch of photos. 

STORY: Let me get this straight...

I finally got my hair straightened! I keep postponing it for so many reasons, so I guess I finally ran out of excuses and finally did it. 

STORY: Forever 21

It's my birthday! And it's not just any birthday... it's my 21st birthday and that means I am officially an adult! And that means I should celebrate like an adult, too. That's why I treated my family and Jose out for dinner as opposed to the 20 years of birthdays that my parents paid for!

STORY: Magnolia

Jose and I checked out the newest mall in town - Robinsons Magnolia. And from the photos of the mall, I knew that there was an open area, perfect for taking photos! I always like taking photos outdoors because the shots are bound to turn out great even if the camera skills of the photographer are terrible. Sorry Jose, but really, you need to work on your skillzzz.

Anyway, I finally got to take my new shirt out for a spin. It's a very simple shirt actually. It just has this cute knot detail at the bottom which you can tie really tight to show your midriff. Of course, the conservative that I am chose to wear high waist shorts to cover that area. I thought it turned out pretty okay. The knot allowed me to show off my belt and the high waist shorts makes my really short shorts seem longer than it actually is... even making my legs look longer!