STORY: Forever 21

It's my birthday! And it's not just any birthday... it's my 21st birthday and that means I am officially an adult! And that means I should celebrate like an adult, too. That's why I treated my family and Jose out for dinner as opposed to the 20 years of birthdays that my parents paid for!

I had already planned to treat them about a month before my birthday. I wanted it to be special so I thought of Vikings. Everybody would enjoy it because they get to choose what they want to eat. Also, it would be a first for all of us. We all get to finally try what everyone has been buzzing about!

When I had the reservations made, I didn't know that birthday celebrants get their dinner for free. i had already prepared cash for 7 people. So not only did I get a song and dance number with matching mini-cake, I also got P888 off my bill! Yey, Vikings! 

There isn't much pictures since all of us were busy going back to the buffet table. Personally though, I still like Dad's Buffet better. I'm not a fan of sushi, maki, and well, 50% of the stuff at Vikings so I didn't enjoy the place as much as them. There were very few Filipino dishes so my choices were very limited. I enjoyed the Chinese section though. I went back for Pata Tim and a bunch of dimsum twice! The chili sauce was yummy, too. 

After Vikings, my family went off to my dad's officemate's Halloween party. Jose and I opted to go around MOA. We rode the ferris wheel which was more terrifying than amusing and the two-wheeled scooter which was terrifying AND amusing. I swear, I haven't had that much fun in a while. I wanted to hop on the thing and ride around again but I was starting to feel ashamed that I had twelve year old kids falling in line behind me. It was super fun. Can't you tell by the way I keep saying it was super fun? It's motion sensitive too so the machine follows your body's movement. If you lean forward, it goes forward. If you lean backwards, it goes backwards. The same if you lean left and right. It was super fun! Waaaaa.

By the way, I had a few other sweet surprises that day. My officemates surprised me with some well thought of gifts and Minky, my college friend, dropped by with my favorite snack - kwek kwek! I also managed to sort-of treat these people, too! I brought a giant burger for sharing for my officemates and I bought bento boxes for me and Minky to gobble on. You know what, without any pretensions, it felt nicer treating people out than people giving me gifts. I got the whole "to give is better to receive" thing on a deeper level. So, yay me.

The obligatory group shot of the celebrant holding her gift plus the rest of the adschool peeps. This is a happy tradition for us! Fingers crossed we all get two more of years of this together!

 The giant burger from Hungree Burgers. You can see my bowl of pancit canton for breakfast at the bottom.

 The AdSchool peeps gave me chocolate eggs with different Disney characters inside. See, I love eggs and I love Disney. Two birds with one stone!

 They also got me Kleenex with Disney princesses on the package.

 Xea and Vannah gave me my first surprise of the day. When I got to work that morning, I got my toilet mug (don't ask) to fill it with water, when I was greeted by Xea's annoying mouse! I dropped my mug out of shock! Infairness naman, nabawi ng chocolates.

Minky's kwek-kwek treat! Yummmmmmy.

So that's my birthday for you. Finally, I can go to Forever 21 and not feel like a poser... cause well, I am 21! :)

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