STORY: Magnolia

Jose and I checked out the newest mall in town - Robinsons Magnolia. And from the photos of the mall, I knew that there was an open area, perfect for taking photos! I always like taking photos outdoors because the shots are bound to turn out great even if the camera skills of the photographer are terrible. Sorry Jose, but really, you need to work on your skillzzz.

Anyway, I finally got to take my new shirt out for a spin. It's a very simple shirt actually. It just has this cute knot detail at the bottom which you can tie really tight to show your midriff. Of course, the conservative that I am chose to wear high waist shorts to cover that area. I thought it turned out pretty okay. The knot allowed me to show off my belt and the high waist shorts makes my really short shorts seem longer than it actually is... even making my legs look longer!

I am not usually attracted to loud prints and bright colors. I'm more of a layers and neutral type of dresser but I thought this outfit still looked very me.Maybe it's my ever consistent bag! I find myself lazy to change bags after the many instances I forget an item or two in each one. One time, I went through all my bags and found at least one item in each! 

I should have chopped off my hair for some bangs a long time ago! I am actually loving my messy, curly big hair thanks to the bangs now. It completes the messy bun look.

Jose and I couldn't decide where to eat at Magnolia so went elsewhere to find a place to eat. We ended up at this place near ABSCBN. It's a building filled with different restaurants. I was really hungry so I wasn't really very picky. I just wanted food, and I wanted it ASAP! 

We ended up eating at this Chinese place which I forgot the name of. It isn't worth a review because there wasn't anything special about it. I find the lack of normal toyo disappointing. They had this funny tasting version of it, almost like patis!

I leave you with the faces Jose has to deal with each time. Enjoy! Hihi

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