STORY: Staying In

I used to list down the movies we see on the big screen, but now, we've seen way too many for me to keep track! I also used to document the food and restaurants we go to, as if eating at a place fancier than McDonald's was such a big thing (well, for the then 17 year olds, it really was a big deal!), but we've eaten at these places more times than I can remember than it seems pointless to take a photo of the same old dish.

So, 4 and 3/4 years later, I find myself wanting to document the things we do at home more than the bunch of movies and restaurants we frequent. Going out seems to be a routine already so staying in and hogging the couch feels much more exciting. So, that explains the following set of photos.

 That's the biggest his eyes can get!


Actually, these photos were taken post-semi-reunion with my college mates after yearbook distribution. Jose and I were supposed to spend the afternoon together but because of my impromptu get together, I missed out on Saturday afternoon chill out. But I tried to make up for it by goofing off with him when he brought me home! That still counts for hanging out! :P

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