THEORY: Am I With A Stranger?

I was watching an episode of New Girl a few days back and it was about outgrowing relationships. Jess was wondering if she had met her best friend Cece at present day, would they still be the best of friends? They met when they were still in high school and the person that they were then are totally different people from who they are now. The same thoughts as Jess has been going through my head the entire night. If I had met X today, would we still be friends? would I still want to be with X? would X still want to be with me?

Honestly, I think the answer is no... and that scares me. 

As I reflected on how the things I knew about X has changed, and the things X knew about me has changed as well, I realized we could very well be strangers. Even I find myself looking at 16 year old me as a stranger... what more 16 year old X! It scares me how I didn't even realize how someone so close to me has become a totally different person. The question now is, is this new version of X someone I like to be with as much as the older version I first knew?

Honestly, I don't know and I'm scared to find out. 

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