STORY: Drive Me Crazy

I'm driving!

Well, sort of. I've just had my first few driving lessons and I just can't stop thinking about driving. I just want to drive and drive and drive until I perfect all the skills! Well, even just not having the engine die every time I release the clutch too soon. And yes, you read that right... clutch! I'm driving stick, baby! This is what real driving is all about! None of those automatic cars that do half the driving (Yabang ko talaga.)

I'm so excited about driving that I even stole our car! Haha. When Jose drove me home last Sunday, I grabbed my keys to the car (which I bring all the time to remind myself I can drive!) and just drove off with our car. Jose was so panicky in the passenger seat the entire time, and would shriek every time I took a turn or approached an intersection. And it didn't help me at all! But I didn't cause any damage, except maybe Jose's psyche! Haha. It was a good thing I got the car back in it's slot in one piece (Okay, I cheated. I had Jose park the car because I haven't mastered that yet). This driving thing has just got me going crazy!

Anyway, ever since I got a hold of the steering wheel and had control over where I and the passenger of the car was going, I felt a sense of freedom and independence. It's like a whole new world opened up for me, much like reading. Before you learn to read, you don't really know what you're missing. And when you do start to read, everything else in your life suddenly have a new meaning. It's like you've been handicapped all this time and you just didn't know. It's the same with driving. It just changes your perspective on things. It opens your eyes to something that has been there all the time.

Waaaaaah. Here's to more driving off to new adventures! 

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