STORY: Event Dump

I think this is the longest blog hiatus I have gone through since I became active with Blogspot again. It's just sad since I honestly thought I could keep my regular updates going. So much about that.

Anyway, let me just run through random memories/events of the weeks that have passed.

Multiply is shutting down. I am not pleased. Although I have long deserted the site, the knowledge that the site continues to exist was comforting. I could always go back to photos of yesteryears (which is ironic since I try to bury my cotton bud hairstyle and terrible fashion sense as much as possible) whenever I want to. Now, I have to say goodbye to that security blanket. I'm trying to download all the files, so thank Multiply for offering that feature as consolation.

The Amalayer video went viral. Just wanted to share that I was part of the millions who couldn't get over that outraged LRT girl full of sass and a little too much Jersey Shore viewing time.

Ooooh, I also enjoyed the viral video for Metro Train - "Dimb Ways to Die" I literally kept that song on loop for an entire day.

I've been fully transitioned into the P&G team at the office. It's a long back story but to keep it short, I spent the first few months of my training at the office with various brands but a month before training ended, I was finally given a permanent home. Now, when I make my laundry list (which grows longer and and more complicated by the day), I am literally listing down stuff about laundry. Hello Tide!

Oh, I also signed a contract as a regular! Woot. Finally have an SS number. I got my student's permit renewed at LTO as well which leads me to the next happening of the past month...

I bought a car! Well, my mom did but I paid a considerable portion of it. I also paid for all the repairs done to it and it's now working perfectly! I can't wait to learn how to drive and well, drive!

I had my green hair dyed red already. It looks better, I think?

I ran a 5k marathon! I joined the McDonalds McHappy Day run and it was a blast. I had the entire family drop me off at the Fort but they ended up staying at the event, too! I even got to try the trampoline/bungee jumping booth which was AWESOME! I think I went higher than the pole! I wish I could've made an airflip though. Huhu.

I'm going to leave for a shoot in a few minutes (which is my first here at the agency!) so this will have to do for now. I'm hoping my next blog post won't be next year! BYE!

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