THEORY: Half Hour

I felt like I froze for the next half hour
I could feel the cold rush in my veins
I felt like I was dying, actually, I felt dead

I know I've f*cked up a lot of times in my lifetime
But I can honestly say I never felt more fear for my life than in that half hour
It wasn't a life or death situation but it seemed like it

I wanted the saying to come true
I wanted the ground beneath me to open up and just swallow me in
I wanted to disappear, or at least be invisible, 
Actually, I'm okay with people just forgetting my name
No, I wish I could just change identities and have no one question it
I wish I can just change identity and live a new life

I don't want to die anytime soon and I have not experienced death
But in that half hour, I swear I felt I shook hands with death

I guess I was still lucky
I was able to run away from my catastrophe
But it's the constant fear of it coming back to me that keeps me jumpy

Oh Lord, I won't do it again, I swear
I will be extra cautious, I will be more meticulous
Please forgive me and let this one time slide

Lord, please let that half hour get sucked into oblivion
Let's not go back there ever. Please

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