STORY: I'm Sad

This is just a random post because I'm feeling extra emotional today.

I'm sad that I don't get to blog as much. Actually, I'm sad because I don't get to do anything else as much! My work life has stabilized over the past few months and I have been clocking in at 9am and clocking out (usually) at 9pm. On good days, when I get lucky, I get out by 7:30 or 8pm, but most times I say goodbye to the office at 9pm, close to 10pm... every night! 

I'd like to say I'm not complaining but after 3 months of this, I'm really starting to miss my life. I miss seeing my family and having dinner with them. I miss being able to lye in bed and watch some TV before having to eat dinner and clean up and get ready for bed. I miss being able to pass by the mall after work to buy some stuff I might need (or not need! Hihi) and maybe even catch a movie or eat dinner out. Most of all, I just miss resting. I miss doing nothing. Just having an hour in excess, an hour to do whatever I want, is something I truly miss!

And the sadness doesn't stop with the weekdays. Since the entire week leaves me with no time to do anything but work and the necessities (eat, bathe, sleep), my weekends are full with all the other tasks I have to put off! During the weekends, I am usually torn between helping out at home (since I do no chores anymore, besides wash my own dishes at night. I don't even get to help my sisters with their homework anymore :( ) and getting some much needed relaxation. So as I try to do a little of both, I find myself without time (again) and without rest. And before I know it, it's Monday once again. 

It's just sad. I'm sad. I'm very sad. 

I know the story of the song has nothing to do with my story but listening to the song makes me feel like someone sympathizes with my state of sadness.

Right now, I'm not even praying to get back the 6pm time out I used to have, even just a 730pm to 8pm would be nice. Oh Lord, I hope you're listening (I know you are) and I hope you answer my prayer with a yes. 

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