STORY: BlogPunch

There is this Queen B in the ____ that makes me want to pull all my hair out. I won't mention where I associate with her because it would be too obvious... but I just need to let this out! I can't tell anyone about it without looking like a B myself, so I'll just blog about it. You won't judge me, right?

I am trying to be the nicest I can be (and I know I'm not really a nice person but still, I'm trying) and she just manages to push me to my limits! I have a hard time being soft spoken and polite with people I like, imagine the pain of having to be nice to her! I have to bite my tongue every time she gives off a snarky remark and that ain't an easy feat! Well, for me. I can shut that girl up with some powerful B-ness right back, but I am the bigger woman (figuratively, because she's bigger than I am) and I won't go there (Oh dear Lord, please don't let me go there!) But I don't know how long I can hold all this in!

She talks to me like I'm dumb, she disregards what I have to say, she always has to ask someone else when I answer her questions, she looks away and makes me excluded from discussion... in short, she treats me like I'm invisible! I want to punch her so bad but I'm not the violent type, so I'll just blogpunch her. 

Lord, I hope I pass this test of patience!

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